The often challenging and remote locations typical of the mining industry is what we excel at with reliable, safe and secure communications delivered over our own network designed to optimize our clients’ productivity.

No matter the size or how regional and remote the location, ONQ have the technical knowledge and expertise to solve any challenge and deliver a failsafe, world class connectivity solution that will help optimize the productivity of your mining business.

The benefit of having our own network means businesses in the mining industry can operate reliable and continuous enterprise grade telecommunications with service guarantees whatever the environment and location.

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Tailored Solutions Designed for the Mining Industry

The Problem

Mining businesses have some of the greatest demands on telecommunication needs in terms of reliability, safety and speeds to support a similarly demanding workforce that
operate in hard to reach locations and expect nothing less than world class connectivity.

However, most Telco providers lack the capability and specialization to support the mining industry at such levels vital to be able to operate a successful, productive mining operation.

Even if the connections can be made, without the reassurance of the technical skills and support to be available around the clock, means productivity and staff morale will be damaged. Not ideal when you are in the middle of nowhere!

Our Solution

ONQ understand this and can tailor a solution to suit any mining business whatever the location or size of operation under the most extreme environmental conditions Australia can
throw at them.

Their coverage is over 1,000,000 square kms, delivered across multiple technologies, ensuring a failsafe, reliable internet delivered across their own network backed up by their service guarantee which operates 24/7/365.

Management and staff alike can be reassured their leading-edge technologies can make their lives free of telco frustrations they would have to endure with so many other less equipped Telco’s lacking the appropriate skills and specialization.

The Problem

Most Telco providers lack the specialization to provide the technological capabilities necessary to support a successful, productive mining operation. Nor do they have the capability to provide support from skilled technicians and engineers that have the knowledge to service the mining businesses around the clock.

Remote locations are a challenge beyond what most Telcos can handle which often leads to interruptions in business continuity and massive productivity losses businesses can ill afford. Service and technical standards are often compromised simply because of the locations most mining businesses endure.

Our Solution

Having their own network and coverage across the most remote parts of Australia, ONQ can reassure businesses in the mining industry of supplying world class internet with speeds up to and beyond 10Gbps. This reliable and high capacity connectivity can assist in delivering optimised productivity for mining businesses. As well it allows them to leverage technological advances such as automation in production right through to haulage that demands uninterrupted service supply.

ONQ pride themselves on leading the way in telco for the mining industry as reflected by their ability to offer service guarantees. Not many others can do that, let alone in some of the
most remote and harshest environments on the planet.

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support from our dedicated team of Australian business experts.

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