A founding industry of ONQ, the business of education is renowned for its ever-increasing
demands on technology and the need for flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions
backed up by impeccable service.

Whether its in an urban or regional location, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a failsafe solution to help optimize the delivery of curriculums for your education business backed up by impeccable service support 24/7/365.

You cannot ask anymore of a supplier when they are proactive and take a keen interest in making sure our business performs at its peak. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer ONQ to another business that demands reliability of product and service.
Lance Wassmuth Business Manager Blackheath & Thornburgh College

Case Studies

How we’ve helped our clients overcome

typical telco frustrations

The Problem

Prior to partnering with ONQ, The Cathedral School was serviced by one of the larger, more established Telco companies but sadly the quality of the service and product provided was not at a standard the business needed.

On top of that, they were not happy with the value they received from their telco provider so decided it was time to find a more appropriate partner that could accommodate this and understood their business – one that was more specialized in the education industry and could deliver higher speeds and better service at a more competitive price.

Our Solution

Switch to ONQ and upgrade to ONQ Fibre.

“We used to be with a big Telco, but they can’t compete with the internet service we get from ONQ. So we switched.”

“They’re technical capability and experience is amazing. As a result we have the kind of internet that as a school is critical – always on. It’s fast, reliable and we know we can trust ONQ to provide an ongoing quality performance matched to our needs.”

“The local ONQ support staff have a great attitude and we are very happy with the service and the value we receive.”

Kevin Seaman IT Manager The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James

The Problem

At the time, the College was engaged with a traditional Telco, which they found to be expensive and often resulted in them spending considerable time trying to get through to someone on the phone, let alone speak to a person that could actually help. The product and service was not at the level they needed and was simply not good enough and frustrations set in.

Our Solution

The College switched to ONQ and established a superior internet and a more commercially competitive service using ONQ’s own network. ONQ took the time to understand the
College’s business and telco needs to do what was necessary to help the school perform at its peak.

“ONQ provide an excellent service and have very knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy staff. The service is provided at very competitive price.”

“They have met all SLA deadlines and have managed to get us incredible speeds which helps our productivity and output tremendously.”

“ONQ are considerate to our business needs and have never missed a beat.”

Lance Wassmuth Business Manager Blackheath & Thornburgh College

The Problem

Some years back, Whitsunday Anglican School was struggling with their incumbent Telco provider, one of the big players in the market. Their previous provider had become complacent and slow to respond which was not ideal for an education business and were quite expensive. As the needs of the school were becoming increasingly more reliant on and demanding of cutting edge technology, to improve the efficiency of the school, they started to look around for a more suitable telco partner. Most importantly, they needed the assurance of a stable, fast and reliable internet every day, all day.

Our Solution

Switch telco partners and make ONQ the primary telco partner.

“At the time, ONQ were our back up telco. After performing spotlessly and better than our big Telco main provider, we switched and now ONQ are our primary telco provider.”

“They have never skipped a beat. They are simply quiet achievers and people we can trust with our business.”

“They are a solid company providing an extremely reliable product and service at a very competitive price backed up by great service and support. I love the fact that I can actually deal with real people and fast.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to refer ONQ to another business that demands reliability of product and service.”

Bill Corbett IT Manager Whitsunday Anglican School

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