Standard 1,000

NBN : Key Features

Standard 1,000
1000 400
1. Plan Name Standard 1,000
2. Plan Tier Standard Business Grade
3. Download Speed 1 Gbps
4. Upload Speed 400 Mbps
5. Data Allowance Unlimited Data
6. Contention Ratio Low
7. Service Level Agreement Not Included
8. Router Optional
9. Technology Types NBN
10. Installation Fees $0 on a 36 month term plan for ALL standard and premium plans
11. Plan Price $369 per month
12. Minimum term 1 Month
13. Bundling services available Private IP and Voice Ready. 4G Backup. Managed WiFi

In order to determine if we can service your premises, we’ll need to perform a service qualification. This is a quick, no obligation check that can be completed inside of 24 hours. To learn more, please select “Choose this Plan”, provide your address and we’ll be in touch.

The connection between our network and your premises is provided by nbn. Depending on your location, your service will be delivered via either FTTP, FTTN/B, HFC, FTTC or nbn Fixed Wireless. In an industry of acronyms, we understand that this can be somewhat confusing. Please reach out so we can assist in providing some clarity around what options may be available, as well as what is suited to your business and use case.

Service delivery is usually subject to what technology type nbn has utilised to service your premises. AS an example, FTTP services (in most cases) can be delivered within a couple of hours. We will be able to provide a service delivery lead-time as part of our service qualification process.

You’re more than welcome to use either your own router, or a Managed Router supplied by us. Please note that our troubleshooting and support capabilities will be somewhat limited if the router isn’t supplied and managed by our team.

If selecting a Managed Router from ONQ, we can provide 4G automatic failover as an option.

Please select “Choose this Plan” provide us with your contact details, and we’ll reach out straight away.